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4 Best Welding Hood Accessories


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With so many welding hoods to choose from these days its hard to know which one is truly the best welding hood.

With that being said there are a few accessories I use with my welding hood that I strongly recommend to increase your welding hood comfort and performance.

Each of these are accessories I use with my hoods serves a specific purpose for the type of welding i do and may not be necessary for you. This is simply a few cool welding hood attachments i have found keep me welding and welding comfortably. 

I'm also aware there are cooling fans you can buy and install in your hoods but i haven't tried those out yet so i did not include them.

Hope this posts helps you find a cool accessory to add to your welding hood.

4 Best Welding Hood Accessories

BSX Sweatbands for Welding Hoods

These sweat bands are a savior when it comes to your welding hood comfort. These easily Velcro to most welding hood front bands. You can also find other types online made for specific welding hoods.

 Welding Hood Leather Neck BIB

An absolute must when trying to block out the deadly arc light. Compatible with most welding hoods these neck bibs will save your neck and your eyes.

Welding Hood LED Light Mount

Being able to see out of your weld hood is pretty important if you ask me. These Welding hood mounted LED flashlights are perfect for the late night welding in the driveway.

Benchmark Flame Resistant Head/Neck Guard

When it comes to Flame Resistant protection you cant beat Benchmark. When welding out of position sparks to the top of your head are a great way to make you ruin your weld bead. With this FR guard, no molten weld spark is gonna mess with your welding flow. 




With so many accessories to choose from i can see how easy it is to get a little carried away, but in the end comfort is an important key to success in welding. I look forward to seeing more welding hood accessories come to market in the future and would love to hear your favorites in the comments below!


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