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6 Quick Tips For Better Aluminum Welds


6 Quick Tips For Better Aluminum Welds

Aluminum is my FAVORITE metal to weld with TIG. Although I love it now at first it was such a frustrating process. Here are 6 quick tips that helped me better my aluminum welding. Comment below any tips that helped your Aluminum Welding.


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The Material 

Aluminum (Al)

Aluminum Melting Point: 1,221 Fahrenheit

Aluminum Oxide Layer Melting Point: 3,700 Fahrenheit


Aluminum can be a tricky metal to weld when first getting started so read this quick guide to get the need to know tips before striking that ARC!


1. Set up machine for AC welding (Alternating Current a.k.a. loud buzzing sound)

-Gas should per pure Argon or Argon/Helium Mix (Helium allows for a Hotter Arc)

Check my post on AC/DC welding: https://anonymousfab.com/blogs/learn-tig-welding/when-to-weld-ac-or-dc

2. Choose torch set up

- Depending on your amperage choose a proper tungsten size (More Amps = Thicker Tungsten)

- Tungsten Type: Pure, 2% Lanthananated, 2% Ceriated

-Sharpen Tungsten to a point

- Strike an arc on a piece of copper to help get a nice ball on the tip of your tungsten

- Gas lens with a number 6 or 7 cup (Flow rate 25-30 cfh)

3. Clean base material and filler rod with Denatured alcohol or acetone (Acetone will leave residue so i recommend Denatured Alcohol or similar)

Blue demon Acetone Wipes are great for Cleaning Filler Rod

4. Wire brush material with copper or brass wire brush. This will help break up and remove the oxide layer (do not use steel wire brush)


5. Wipe down excess oxide dust with Denatured alcohol.

6. Aluminum has high thermal conductivity properties which means the heat is going to want to spread throughout the material. Let the Puddle build in the beginning and than get moving.

Quick Aluminum Welding Tips

- Clean, Clean, Clean

- Copper Wire Brush

- Keep torch angle 90 degrees 

- Feed filler rod fast (In and out)

- Watch the PUDDLE not your Tungsten

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