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What Are The Different Welding Positions


What Are The Different Welding Positions

Welding positions chart out of position welding

Here is a helpful guide on the different welding positions and how to approach them. This post contains affiliate links.


Whether your welding TIG, MIG, or Stick as you progress you’ll want to learn and become proficient at all the different types of out of position welding joints. 


The G stands for groove weld and the number represents the position of that weld. 1- is a flat position, 2 is horizontal position, 3 is vertical position, and 4 is overhead position.

1G- Flat Groove Weld (Downhand) 

1GR- Flat Groove Weld Rotating

2G- Horizontal Groove Weld 

3G- Vertical Groove Weld 

4G- Overhead Groove Weld 

5G- Horizontal Fixed Groove Weld 

6G- 45 Degree Inclined Groove Weld



The F stand for fillet weld and can be seen in the figures given. Just like the groove welds the numbers represent the position you’ll be welding in. 

1F- Flat position 

2F- Horizontal Position 

3F- Vertical Position 

 4F- Overhead Position



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