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Getting Creative In The Fabrication Process


Getting Creative In The Fabrication Process

Learning to weld is just one skill you will need to become a success in this industry, but what other qualities or characteristics do you need to excel in this field?

Hands down, no doubt about it you need to learn to become a Creative FABRICATOR.

Fabrication begins way before the metal even arrives and is much more than just cutting, bending, notching, and assembling.

Your average welder can read blueprints and WPS sheets to get the job done.

But how do you feel when asked to fabricate something from scratch?

welding fabrication metal off road headers LS engines

Whether its a suspension kit, equal length stainless steel headers, or a cool rocket stove for cooking in the backyard, the fabrication process all starts in the mind and it takes time to bring to life.

As I am still a novice fabricator at best, questions like this always pose a challenge for me. For starters you need to think about correct operation of what you're fabricating, then incorporate talent and creativity to transform it into functional art. The finish product must look clean, and look well thought out.  

Over the past 5 years of working in the welding/fabrication industry, I have had the pleasure of working on a variety of projects and with this experience I have seen first hand how much thought and attention to detail a Great Fabricator takes.

6100 truck off road welding fabrication prerunner build truck

Here is a list of ways you can get your Fabrication Skills to the next level.  

- These days with all the social media (Instagram, Pinterest are best) it’s easy to find very skilled Fabricators like Kibbetech, Morgan Clarke Design MCD1, and SMP Fab. 

These well rounded Fabricators are great to follow for “Fabrication Inspiration”. They do a great job of posting different angles of what they are building and it’s great insight for guys like me that don’t have access to years of knowledge. 

- Knowledge is important when it comes to creativity so I encourage you to learn all Fabrication Techniques Old and New. Having this knowledge allows you to know which application is best for your project. 

Lastly it important to remember the 5 steps to the creative process:

1. Gather New Information. Like I had said earlier, getting ideas from social media welder and fabricators can be so insightful.

2. Work Over Concepts In Your Mind. Let your ideas and concepts build in your mind. Sometimes its even best to do this just before bed.

3. Go For A Walk. Don't pressure your mind to spit out magical fabrication work. Give your mind a break and do something completely off topic.

4. Let The Ideas Come Back. After some time your mind will flash insights of new concepts and builds.

5. Start Your Build! Chasing perfection isn't something anyone should strive for but if you keep working hard your fabrication abilities will continue to grow.

 welding 6100 truck off road racing fabrication metal work


Fabrication Creativity: 



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