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How I started Welding


How I started Welding

Growing up my father didn't have any welding or fabrication equipment, my dad works in the Landscape industry so i was more used to Pipe glue and Plants.

Well after pulling weeds all those years as a kid i decided early on that the Landscape industry wasn't for me.

Soon after buying my first truck i got my first MIG welder, a Hobart 160, so that i could start "Building it" for off-road use. Shortly after that i signed up for welding courses at Palomar College in San Marcos California.

Palomar college had a great welding program with some of the best equipment in the industry such as the Miller Dynasty 350 TIG welders. Palomar also has a great staff of very experienced Weld Instructors that always took the time to help me out. When i first started i was HORRIBLE, honestly never thought i would be able to do this for a job.

Since i have finished classes at Palomar i have worked multiple welding jobs and have even turned down job offers. My true love is in the automotive industry, whether its Off-road Prerunner Trucks or Built STI Subaru's, I love automotive Welding/Fabrication. Building inter-coolers, stainless steel exhaust headers, long travel suspension, and everything in between.

There are so many different industries with in welding that you can get into. If one doesn't excite you as much as others do then i encourage you to find a welding job you will enjoy. This career can bring you and your family many opportunities and i want to be here to help you along the way and share the welding knowledge!

Comment below your Favorite Industry for welding/fabrication. ( ex. Automotive, pipe, repairs, production, Etc.) 

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