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How To Restore an Old Bench Vise


Bench vise restoration welding table vise tool fabrication

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As my welding passion continues to grow I’m starting to build my collection of welding and fabrication tools. 
Recently I purchased my first Welding table from CertiFlat Weld Tablesand couldn’t be more excited with the table I received but after getting the tables top built I realized it was missing something... A Vise!! 

I headed over to trusty old OfferUp and found this bad boy for $60! All it needed was a little TLC and Some Steel-It Paint and just like that my CertiFlat Weld Tablehad it’s New Best Friend. 

Read below to see how I went about this project and how simple it is to restore an old rusted Bench/Table Vise. 


Tools Used In Restoration:

- Liquid Wrench

- Grinder or Hand Sander 

- Scotch Brite Pads

 - Wire Wheel

- Denatured Alcohol

- Steel-it Stainless Steel Spray Paint 

- Grease 


Bench Vise Restoration weld

Step 1: Buy an Old Vise 

 Places like OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist are all great places you can find Old Tools like this Bench Vise i picked up for $60.

My OfferUp Sign Up Link: https://offerup.co/Se6owPIsl8


 bench vise restoration welding metal

Step 2: Disassembly

Although this may sound simple, depending on the condition of your Old Bench Vise taking it apart should be approached with caution.

Start by checking condition of all bolts, nuts, and screws. Also take precaution as the components of Vises tend to be heavy and you should always Wear the proper safety PPE. Start by spraying penetration oil to hopefully allow for easy removal of hardware. Replace hardware if needed.


 Step 3: Wire Wheel

After you have disassembled your Old Bench Vise its time for you to take a Wire Wheeland remove as much rusted metal and gunk from the Vise as you can without digging to much into the Bench Vise material.

 bench vise restoration old tools weld

 Step 4: Removing The Tough Stuff 

Use Grinder or Hand Sander for Hard to remove rust, paint, or gunk. I recommend using higher grit sanding discs and paper to avoid removing too much material of the Old Bench Vise.


 Step 5: Scotch Brite Buff

With a Scotch Brite Pad buff out the rest of your Old Bench Vise to give it a nice feel. Make sure you have removed all sharp edges and burrs.


Step 6: Clean With Denatured Alcohol

With all your parts looking like bare metal or close to it, you can take a rag and wipe down each component with Denatured Alcohol or Acetone. This will help remove any grease or dust before you paint.


Step 7: Paint Time

I like to leave the creativity up to you guys so go ahead and paint your vise the way you please!

For mine, i went with Steel-It Spray Paint because i love the finish the Gray Spray paint color gives especially with my Anonymous Fab Logo On it.


Step 8: Re-Assemble Bench Vise

Once your paint has dried you can start reassembling your Bench Vise. Take note that you may need to replace the old hardware as well. I had to do this for mine as the old hardware was destroyed. 

As you reassemble the moving components you want to put greasewhere the vise is threaded in order for smoother operation and to help prevent rust on the moving parts.

bench vise restoration process learn metal

bench vise restoration process learn metal


I hope these 8 steps help you rebuild your Old Bench Vise or Tool with ease!

Feel free to comment your latest restoration project or any tips you have for Old Tool Restorations. 

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