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MIG Welding Gun Assembly


MIG Welding Gun Assembly

Quick Guide to Assembling a MIG Welding Gun

Improper assembly of your MIG welding gun can lead to a handful of problems when welding. Keep your MIG welds pure with proper MIG Gun Assembly. 

MIG Welding gun assembly learn welding fabrication

 1. Nozzle- MIG Welding gun Nozzle helps keep your weld puddle cool and protected by flowing an even layer of shielding gas.

 2. Contact Tip- your contact tip is where your wire will get its electrical charge from as it contacts the Contact Tip and moves out the MIG welding gun.

 3. Insulator- Helps direct and diffuse gas

 4. Gas Diffuser- this diffuser will screw on yo your MIG welding gun and should be snugged down

 5. MIG Gun- Your basic MIG welding gun has a trigger which activates the electrical current as well as feeds wire and allows flow of shielding gas.

Be sure to always snug down your connections and check that each MIG welding gun consumable is free from defects. Depending on your wire size, application, and machine, your consumable parts will vary.


In conclusion, when your MIG welding and running into electrical current issues, feeding issues, or poor gas coverage its important to check that your MIG welding gun is assembled properly. Improper assembly can cause all sorts of welding issues.

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