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Best Budget MIG Welders


Best Budget MIG Welders


With so many different welders on the market today from MIG, TIG, and Multi Process welding machines, it can be hard to know which would work best for your application. Welding Machines can get pricey and sometimes its important not to buy more welder than you truly need.  This Post is designed to save you time and money.

Below i have listed the Top 3 MIG welding machines i have used or owned. I will give you a complete break down of the benefits and drawbacks of each MIG welding machine and what you can expect from it.

 This post contains affiliate links and by using them I earn a commission if you choose to purchase.

Miller Welder- Millermatic 211 w/ Auto-set

The Millermatic 211 is a solid MIG welding Machine with its Auto-set capability that truly blew me away when i first tried it out.

The auto-set allows for simple machines set up for beginners by just choosing the welding wire size you are using. That's it!


- Auto-Set Setting with Twist Dials

- Amp Range: 120v (30-130 amps) or 240v (30-230 amps) inverter 

- Weight: 38 Pounds (Super Light)

- Wire Speed: 60-600 IPM  (inches per minute)

- Max Spool Size: 8 Inch

-Spool Gun Option

Suggested Applications

-Light Fabrication


-Maintenance and Repair

-Auto Body

- Weld Art

The Bad

Now the drawback to this MIG welding machine is the quality of the MIG Gun and Ground Clamp. In my opinion, they feel cheap and undersized for the amount of heat this welder can output. Although these can easily be replaced for better quality ones at your online welding store like https://www.arc-zone.com

MSRP: $1,700

Hobart Handler 210 MVP

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP is a simple 210 amp MIG welder that allows for easy use and machine set up.

This welding machines features easy to use machine interface for simple beginner set up.


- Turn Dial Settings

- Amp Range: 115v (25-140 amps) or 230v (25-210 amps)

- Wire Feed Speed: 40-680 IPM (inches per minute)

- Weight: 79 pounds (Heavy)

-Spool Gun Option

- Max Spool size: 8 Inch

Suggested Use



-Auto Body

- Weld Art

The Bad

My First MIG welder was a Hobart Handler model and like the Millermatic, the quality of the MIG Gun and Ground clamp feel cheap. Also i ran into feeding issues with my Hobart MIG welder as well.  Check the review below for more details.

MSRP: $1,116

Hobart MIG Welder YouTube Review:



Vulcan MIGMax 215

A very interesting contender as they are known for being sold at Harbor Freight Tools. These Vulcan Multi-Process 220 Welders surprised me with great weld-ability for a very fair price.

Although these welders may not handle the wear a tear most welders go through, buying the Harbor Freight Warranty is a really good idea and allows for easy exchange if your welder breaks.


- Auto-Set Settings

- Weight: 44 pounds

- Wire Feed Speed: 50-500 IPM (inches per minute)

- Spool Gun Option

- Amp Range: 120v (30-140 amps) or 240v (30-215 amps)  (Inverter)

- Max Spool Size: 8 Inch

Suggested Use

- House/Farm

- Construction

- Auto Body

- Light Fabrication

- Repairs

The Bad

Truth is these Vulcan welders seem to good to be true and for the price they seem like the best option for anyone looking to master the puddle. I used one at a muffler shop i worked at for over a year and found the MIG Guns were the weak link. Also its best to get the Harbor Freight Welder Warranty because it allows for a headache free fix to get you back to welding if your Vulcan welder does have issues. Watch the YouTube video for more about the Harbor Freight Vulcan MIGMax 215 Welder.

MSRP: $750

Harbor Freight Vulcan MIGMax 215 YouTube Review:



Buying your first MIG welding machine can be critical to your success and i hope the break down of these 3 MIG welding machines above help clarify your purchasing decision. If you have any questions feel free to comment below or reach out on social media so that i can help you.

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