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TIG Welding Torch Assembly


TIG Welding Torch Assembly

How to Assemble a Series #9 #20 TIG Welding Torch. 

This post will show you how to set up your TIG welding torch series #9 and #20 but will be similar to setting up torch series #17 #18 #26.



Step 1: Gas Lens

Screw in Gas Lens into Welding Torch Head and finger tighten.

Welding torch set up TIG GTAW learn to weld


Step 2: Collet Body

Insert Collet Body, slit opening facing downward toward the cup side

Welding torch set up TIG learn welding Weld

Step 3: Tungsten Electrode 

Insert your Tungsten sharp side facing out the cup side. (note: the tungsten in this picture is sharpened on both sides, i don't recommend doing this unless your work is okay with it. You want to know what color tungsten you are using and sharpening both sides ruins the color labeling.

Welding TIG torch assembly learn to weld

Step 4: Back Cap

Screw in Back cap but do not fully tighten down until step 6.

Welding TIG torch set up Gtaw learn welding

Step 5: MFurick Gas Lens Cup

Screw on your Welding Cup (mfurick #12) to your gas lens and tighten all the way.
Welding TIG MFurick cup torch set up learn welding

Step 6: Set Stick Out Length

With everything tightened on your TIG welding torch except for the back cap. Set your tungsten stick out length for your application than tighten down the back cap and your ready to weld!

welding tig torch set up learn to weld GTAW


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