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Uniball Conversion FAQ



  • What is the turnaround time?                       Each Lower Uniball Conversion (LBJ,s) is built to order. Generally, you can expect the LBJ,s to take 7-20 business days to complete but it can be longer depending on the number of orders and current supply. If you send in your Lower Ball Joint as a core, the time until completion will start when we receive the core.
  • How is the Uniball protected?                     Each LBJ comes with optional 2 Uniball top caps and rubber boots. This is to prevent dirt and debris from collecting in the top of the Uniball.
  • How do I maintain my Lower Uniball Conversion LBJ?                                            We recommend the use of a Tri-Flow (with P.T.F.E.) lubricant which  can be purchased online. This type of lubricant goes on wet and dries to a film. Do NOT use any other kind of grease or oil lubricant as this will cause dirt to stick to the Uniball. It is recommended to apply Tri-Flow lubricant every other oil change. If your rig is primarily used off-road then it is recommended to lubricate your uniball more frequently.
  • Aren’t the four spindle bolts a common point of failure?                                                Absolutely. These bolts are known to fail and cause catastrophic failure of the front suspension. The threads on these bolts will stretch over time and eventually cause failure. I offer ARP bolts made specifically for this purpose. ARP is a world leader in fastener technology and their bolts are (almost) indestructible for this application. In the meantime, it is recommended to replace these bolts occasionally if you are frequently disassembling your front suspension or if you have not replaced them for a while.
  • Why do the OEM LBJs fail?
    Toyota designed the LBJ on these vehicles in an upside down manner so the ball joints and bolts are actually being pulled apart. The parts will stretch and eventually play will develop within the components which is why it is important to frequently check your lower ball joints. Replacements are expensive and require the entire assembly to be replaced. As with all parts on a vehicle, play will eventually develop within Uniballs. Our LBJ's were designed in a way that allows for the Uniball to be replaced instead of the entire assembly which means cheaper replacements in the long run. The other failure point is in the four bolts that hold the LBJ to the spindle and we are currently working on getting ARP bolts made for this purpose to create the toughest replacement on the market.
  • Why should I get a Lower Uniball Conversion?                                               Uniballs were designed for racing applications. In short, this means they are much stronger than the factory ball joint. These uniballs will also allow for more articulation in the joint which puts less strain on the assembly
  • Do these work with stock lower control arms and spindles?                                      Absolutely! These are designed to work with all of your factory equipment and are currently the only ones on the market to do so. They will also work with your long travel kit or aftermarket LCA/spindles as long as they utilize the OEM LBJ.
  • What is the double shear heim steering option?                                                            This option is recommended for those who have upgraded there steering already and comes 2" pre-spaced for Total Chaos Kits, Other sizes can be requested. There are various manufacturers that offer heim steering for your rigs which will require the double shear heim steering upgrade on our LBJ. One such company is Total Chaos Fabrication.
  • Can I send in my LBJ to be converted?       Yes. If your LBJ is a MOOG 555  we can convert it for you. Please visit the instructions for sending us your LBJ available HERE. 
  • 3rd Gen 4Runners and 1st Gen Tacomas have different Outer Tie Rod Ends. How do I order?

Yes, for these orders you must send in your old set or new set to be used and you will be given a $100 discount for supplying the Cores.


  • How do I replace the Uniballs? Where can I buy replacements?

Uniballs are simple to replace just by removing the retainer clip and using a solid piece of steel that can be struck to hammer the uniballs out. Tutorials on this process will be available on my YouTube Channel. 

Uniballs can be purchased at many off-road parts stores or online. Part number for replacement bearing Wssx16t or Wssx14t for smaller 7/8 Uniball (old style)

If you are interested in sending me your Toyota lower ball joints to be converted at a discounted rate please follow the directions below.
Step 1:
Package up Lower Ball Joints securely and include a note with your email address/Instagram handle.
Send Package to:
Anonymous Fabrication LLC
4825 Chalk Court
Oceanside CA, 92057
Step 2:
Once received you will be emailed a one time use discount code which you can apply at checkout to receive your credit.
Step 3:
As soon as your order comes in I will be working hard to get your set made and shipped out within 3-7 Business days.
Its a Simple as That!
For More questions please email info@anonymousfab.com

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