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Beginner MIG Welding

Hello, Im Josh Maynard after starting my journey as a welder and fabricator I soon fell in love with the learning process of welding.

I was astonished how some people can seem to get the hang of it right away and others struggle for years to lay down something they can even call a weld.

Join this course to learn MIG Welding and how to operate a MIG welding machine. This course will introduce you to the welding industry with goal of teaching you how to MIG weld.
In addition to welding you will also learn welding machine set up and operation, shop safety, MIG welding on all joint types (bead on plate,t-joint, lap joint, butt joint, outside corner joint, tube notch joint), and lastly a bonus on how to Troubleshoot your welds.
Looking forward to seeing you in my class.

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