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Toyota Tacoma Lower Uniball LBJ Conversion

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 1996'-2004' Toyota Tacoma

90's Series Prado 

Lower Ball Joint Uniball Conversion Pair 

NEW version coming soon 1” Uniball 

  (Optional) ARP Upgraded Mounting Hardware




Designed for better articulation and cheaper replacements. Each Kit is Made to order so I appreciate your patience as I drop dimes on your Set! If you have questions please email info@anonymousfab.com or check my YouTube Channel.

(This Product will NOT Prevent Lower Ball Joint Failures)

Please take note that Tacoma and 4Runner steering outer tie rods are different sizes and this should be considered before purchasing your set.



Send In your 555 Cores to be Converted  



Anonymous Fabrication aftermarket suspension products are for uses that exceed conditions anticipated by the vehicle manufacture. If the components within the suspension system or accessories become worn due to frequent and or extreme off-road use the safety and reliability of the vehicle are at risk. The maintenance of aftermarket equipment to ensure the vehicle occupant's safety is entirely your responsibility. Do not purchase Anonymous Fabrication manufactured products or components unless you are willing to accept this responsibility. Do not install Anonymous Fabrication suspension products or accessories unless you feel competent at installing the product without causing present or future injury to yourself or other vehicle occupants; seek an authorized installation center.
Please remember that no matter how well your vehicle is built, it is only as safe as you drive it. This equipment is designed to improve the performance of your vehicle. Increasing performance is your risk for operating this vehicle. The operator must know and understand the vehicles handling characteristics. None of the equipment is guaranteed to be free of defects or to protect the driver or passengers from death or injury in the event of a collision. Please drive safely.


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