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Uniball Install Instructions

Tacoma / 4Runner / Prado

 Lower Ball Joint Conversion: Installation Guide


Performing this task can be dangerous and requires the proper tools, Anonymous Fabrication is Not responsible for injury or damage to you or your vehicle. Please seek professional installation if needed. 

Factory manual is recommended for removal and reinstallation of all factory components


         Scan to watch Uniball and Misalignment assembly

Once assembled, follow these instructions for install.  

Step 1: Place Uniball Conversion in Lower control arm and Finger tighten lower nut with washer and lock washer.

Step 2: Place Steering tie rod into the Uniball Conversion and finger tighten Nut

Step 3: Tighten Lower Control arm Nut w/ Lock washer 

( The tapered mis alignment will pull down but may not sit completely on lip this is normal )

Step 4: Tighten Top ARP 12 point ⅜” Bolt to 47 Foot Lbs With RED LOCTITE 

Step 5: Tighten Steering Tie Rod to Factory Torque Specifications. 

Step 6:  Install  Top Cap (if applicable. Top cap may need to be sanded slightly to clear certain CV dust shields)

Step 7: Bolt up Spindle to the new Uniball Conversion w/ Mounting bolts. Torque to Factory Specifications. 

After Test Drive check all suspension bolts. 

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