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How To Stop Dipping Your Tungsten


How To Stop Dipping Your Tungsten

Ugh the frustration you get when you accidentally dip your tungsten into your weld puddle or filler rod. Well before you start throwing tools just take a deep breath and read these tips.

How do you avoid dipping your tungsten?! 

Here are some tips that helped me avoid dipping my tungsten while welding in any position. 

1. Get Comfortable

2. Do practice welds or “dry runs” to get the feeling of welding the joint

3.  WATCH THE PUDDLE NOT YOUR TUNGSTEN - This drastically helped me avoid dipping my tungsten by focusing my attention on the puddle you will be more consistent with your dipping of the filler rod.

4. It just takes practice. I know this is what everyone says and its the truth. Since i started production welding i have improved my welding drastically, 9 hour days welding for 80% of it, that at least 6 hours of practice everyday!



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