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Which Auto-Darkening Welding Hood Should You Buy?


Which Auto-Darkening Welding Hood Should You Buy?

For starters it is called a Welding Hood not a Welding Helmet... Or is it? I don't even know anymore. Comment below what you call it?!

The most common Questions most new welders ask is "What hood should someone buy when they’re getting into welding?"

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The Facts:

If there is one thing to spend money on when getting into welding it’s buying a quality welding hood. 
Your welding hood is going to become a huge part of your work and your success in welding.

A Poorly made hood that doesn't offer a quality view of the puddle or that does not have the proper requirements for safety will end in harm to you and your eyes. Not to mention without proper puddle visibility your welds will look like hammered dog poop.

Your welding hood needs to be comfortable, have good quality components, different settings are always a bonus but fixed shades lenses can be a better budget buy.

For this Write up ill be focusing on Auto-Darkening hoods.

Success in welding starts with a good hood that will allow you to see the puddle in all forms whether your TIG, MIG, or Stick welding. 

Below i have listed some of the Top Welding hoods i see successful welders using in this industry.

In my opinion all the hoods i have listed below will allow you to become a great welder while keeping your eyes safe from the dangers of the Arc. I personally use the 3M Speedlgas 9100XXiand am blown away by its performance.

TOP Auto-Darkening Welding Hoods / Helmets

3M Speedglas Welding Hood



Optrel Crystal 2.0 Welding Hood



Esab Sentinel Welding Hood



Lincoln Viking Welding Hood



Miller Elite Welding Hood



Bluedemon True View Welding Hood



Coming to my conclusion i recommend any welder to take serious care into purchasing a quality welding hood that is:

1. Comfortable to where for long periods of time

2. Has the proper Safety Requirements under ANSI standards

3. Has options for different auto darkening shades

4. Is sold or produced by trust worthy companies with Warranties for their hoods

I hope this guide can help future welders understand the importance of a quality welding hood and would loved feedback to here what hood you guys are using. Weld On My Fellow ADDICTS!



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