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TIG or MIG Welding Machine Which to Own?


TIG or MIG Welding Machine Which to Own?


The ultimate question all welders face. TIG welding or MIG welding? What’s better for Home use? What’s easier to learn? What pays more? All these questions and more will be answered in this post.



MIG welding still remains the easiest welding process for many reasons.
MIG is super versatile when it comes to material thickness and portability. 

MIG welding is simple and tends to be great for home use as you can normally run them off a 110v outlet and are easier to maintain when your not dealing with water-cooler issues like some TIG machines have. Although in my opinion any welder is going to run best off a 220v. 
How To: Basically MIG requires a finger and some practice. Set up your machine for the material thickness and joint type, clamp on the ground, Get comfortable and pull the trigger!
Now obviously it’s not that simple and will take some practice. There are many YouTube videos you can learn off of and I will link to them below.   
 welding practice learn to weld


TIG welding can be a bit more of a hassle to run at home due it’s size and extras needed for an operational set up. Though learning this process can be much more difficult compared to MIG. The versatility of material type and thickness is endless with TIG! 

How To:

TIG welding requires much more skill and practice than MIG welding. Don’t let that discourage you because becoming a good TIG welder will make you a very valuable asset in any work environment. A quick break down of TIG in short is Two hands and a Foot, a lot more than just your Finger/hand like with MIG. 


In my opinion if your looking for a great reliable welder for at home use and you will mostly weld steel or stainless, I 100% recommend  a MIG welder which you could find a great one for $900-$1,300 that will be able to handle any project your throw at it. 

I recently picked up a Millermatic 211 and it has been an amazing welder I will leave an affiliate link for you to check out. Please read my affiliate disclaimer.


In conclusion the MIG Welder is ideal for at home use but if you’re looking for something more sophisticated to get more projects done TIG Welder is something you can keep in mind. 

At the end of the day no matter what you choose you will be welding and with a little practice you will be dropping dimes in no time.

Stay ADDICTED my friends!

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